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Pic's Screw Machine, Inc. is a third generation family owned
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2011 is our 54th year serving the fastener industry.

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Permanent Threads for Soft and/or Thin Material

1.   After a hole to prescribed size has been drilled or punched into the parent material the stainless steel Captive Nut or Stud is inserted so that the hexagonal head rests on the surface of the material. Pressure is applied to the hexagonal head forcing it into the material.

2.   The material that is displaced, as the hexagonal head is forced in, flows into a recess around the insert. The nut is now a permanent part of the parent material. The flow of material into the recess prevents the insert from being pushed or pulled out. The embedded hex head offers tremendous resistance to torque.

No special tools are needed to perform this simple installation, applying pressure, ion. Any device capable of applying pressure, such as an arbor press, may be used.

Stainless Steel Threads for Aluminum
or Brass that prevent push out,
pull out or torque out!

PIC'S unique Captive Hardware is the answer to your demand for threaded inserts and studs to be used in aluminum, brass, mild steel or other soft metals to provide a permanent wear-resistant thread in the parent material.

Wide variety of sizes and types available from stock * Those not considered stock can be supplied quickly and inexpensively. * Stainless steel Type 303 material throughout * Type I nuts provide flush fit on both sides of parent material. *  Type 6 nuts are self locking. * Custom modifications readily available. * Quickly installed without special equipment. * Installation is permanent: prevents push, pull or torque out. * Thread class 2A or 2B.

Install National Radio Captive Inserts
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